Welcome to the ride to hell bs wikiEdit

this wiki is for ride to hell's shitty ass gameplay post shit here

jack conwayEdit

jack conway is a gay biker that fucks girls with cothes on and no dick out and he is a chronic matserbator since he wanks to gay porn everyday and he sucks at shooting so he rided his 1969 bike all fucking gay day like a fag

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jack wonay getting his baggy pants sucked by a man

chronic masterbators bfEdit

He is skinnier than jem lev

jack conways douchebag grandson that sucks his grandads pussy (the guy with the t shit and the gay hair the skinny guy)

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the chronic masterbators bf is the skinny douchebag grandson even tho jack conay si the biggest pedo in the world he still is a good grand father he gives his grandson who stared in malu trevejos music video luna llena and he has a insta and its this so follow him anyway this guy is gay even tho he is spanish and that jack is spanish too he is just a gay spaniol lmao